Auction & Auctions Information

Selling real estate at auction is fast becoming an accepted method of accelerating the sale of real estate. No longer is auctioning considered the method used by the ‘desperate seller’ or for the ‘just get rid of it’ mentality. Rather; auctions, when properly marketed often bring out more buyers, sell for higher prices, and sell quicker that traditional methods of selling.


If you are considering selling using the auction method. Be sure to understand the following:

  • Is it an absolute or reserve bid auction?
  • Who is responsible for the advertising costs?
  • Is there a comprehensive marketing plan…or just MLS and newspaper?
  • Who gets the earnest money if the buyer fails to follow through?
  • Who does the auctioneer represent during the auction?
  • Are there contingencies to the sale?

If you are thinking about auctioning your real estate…call us first. You may not end up hiring us, but you‘ll know exactly what to look for and all the right questions to ask.