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Why Flex Realty?

Be a part of Our Story

A good story is the most effective way to promote a brand that resonates with consumers. Consumers become part of the story when they choose to do business with you. Our agents are transforming the industry by providing high quality service at a lower cost. Consumers have long felt that real estate commissions are too high, and Flex Realty gives them an alternative they can feel good about.

Differentiated Brand

Whether it’s Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, Remax, Compass, or eXp the message is the same. ‘We are no different than anybody else’. Flex Realty’s brand is different. There is nothing lost in the messaging. With our tagline Full Service for Less, consumers understand from the moment they see our logo that they will be getting a high level of service for less money.


Flex Realty utilizes all of the latest technologies available in the marketplace. Our team continually researches and tests new products and services in multiple markets to ensure our agents are successful. Our partnership with Commissions, Inc allows our agents access to the most robust CRM in the industry at a lower cost. From advertising to contact management our process is streamlined to handle high volume productivity.


Flex Realty is not a franchise. We partner with agents through licensing agreements that allow you to maintain full autonomy and independence. Your business is yours to operate how you see fit. We provide branding, advertising content, a technology platform, training, & consulting. Use all of it, or some of it. It’s your decision.

Low barrier of entry

We have no startup fees of any kind. Our licensing agreements are structured so that you can hit the ground running and be successful. We make money when you grow, so it is our goal to help you become a dominant player in your market.


Flex Realty’s messaging is designed to get sellers to pick up the phone. From there it is crucial for our agents to be able to convert leads into clients. Flex Realty offers comprehensive training to ensure all of our agents are well equipped to communicate our proven approach. We offer on site training seminars, personalized agent coaching, and a robust webinar training platform through Flex University. Our goal is to have the best agents in every market we enter.

Marketing Support

Promoting your brand is crucial in the real estate industry. Our marketing team is ready to help you retool your brand image to one that resonates with consumers. Whether it’s updated business cards, signs, websites, social media posts, direct mail campaigns, door hangers, or fliers, our top notch marketing team will provide updated material customized to your company and market. As you add agents we will assist with new agent on boarding to ensure a smooth transition.

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Flex Realty, US - 802-399-2860 / Flex Realty, CA - 250-300-3656