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Flex Realty, a Vermont real estate company, helps you buy and sell property throughout Vermont. We are your go-to real estate partner for buying and selling a home. With a team of leading real estate agents, the latest technology, and the lowest commissions for full-service listings, the days of paying a high percentage commission to sell your home are gone.

Flex realty vermont

Highest Level of Real Estate Service

Experience the highest level of real estate service with Flex Realty. Our commitment to unmatched efficiencies and cost savings sets us apart, ensuring a superior experience for home buyers and sellers in Vermont. 

FLex Realty Vermont

What Flex Can Do For You

Low-Commission, Full-Service Realtors

Regardless of the type of property you’re purchasing or your budget we’re here to help! We provide an experience unparalleled to any other.

We utilize a variable commission rate, which means Flex Realty offers immediate value at the lowest commission guaranteed.

If you are looking at starting a new career as a Real Estate Agent or are a licensed Agent looking for a change, we invite you to be a part of our story.


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